Wildfire play many different types of gigs but one gig we are specialist in is after dinner entertainment at weddings. With over 15 years experience and having performed at hundreds of weddings Wildfire know how to entertain wedding parties like no one else. So whats different about any other gig compared to playing at a wedding, well quiet a few things. First of all the band are not the centre of attention, the Bride and Groom are so we tend to take a back seat during the gig and centre the bride and groom in the nights activities. Also the guest list can have a very wide age difference which can create an audience of many different tastes in music and dance. We can keep all these guests entertained with our extensive repertoire of songs and genres, including......




  • Modern Pop

  • Old Time Waltzes

  • Jives and Quicksteps

  • Slow Sets

  • Traditional Irish

  • Classic Rock Hits

  • Indie

  • Dance Floorfillers

  • Funk

  • Party Classics.................. from all the decades.



We also take particular attention to the needs of our clients and are happy to take any requests, before the event or even on the night. These can be anything from a list of certain songs the bride and groom wish to have played or excluded on the night, a particular song important to the couple played for their first dance, or arranging to have family members perform a song on stage with us.


With a high demand for dates for weddings especially in the summer months it is advised to book early. Most couples book in advance of 12-18 months before their special day.

Contact us now to check your date for availability.


Also check out our Services page for more information on other services we provide which are popular at Weddings.